Application Guidelines

+ What is the fellowship application timeframe?

The application is currently open. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, with the goal of making all program determinations by June 15, 2018.

+ What is the fellowship selection process?

To learn more about the selection process, please visit our website here.

+ Do I need my SBL or SDL certification?

No, you are not required to have SBL or SDL certification to open a charter school in New York City.

+ Can I bring team members with me to in-person elements of the selection process?

Because our selection process is closely tied to the caliber and development of the leader, we require that one individual be named as the school leader. However, we do encourage you to have a planning team when developing your school proposal. Planning teams typically range from two to five members. Your aim should be to work with people who will support and push you as well as address your blind spots. You should not offer or promise jobs to any member of the planning team prior to receiving authorizer approval and appropriate funding.

+ Will I get feedback on my performance if I am denied admittance?

Yes, you may bring your planning team member with you to the in-depth interview stage of the selection process.

+ When will SEN check references?

SEN calls references for candidates after the final stage in the selection process

+ Can I apply again if I am denied from the SEN Charter Leader Fellowship?

Due to the large number of applicants, we are only able to provide feedback to candidates who make it to the second round of the selection process.

School Model and Features

+ Do I have to work with a partner organization?

No, you are not required to have a partnership with a nonprofit organization. SEN will support each leader in the process of finding the type of school support that best matches their school vision and instructional model.

+ Can I propose a single-gender school?

Yes, but you are responsible for demonstrating that there will be sufficient demand for a single-gender school within your desired district.

NYSED/SUNY Charter Application Support (Phase 1)

+ How will SEN support the development of my NYSED/SUNY application?

In collaboration with our partners, SEN will provide prospective leaders cohesive support in developing strong charter applications to be submitted to NYSED or SUNY. Below is a breakdown of key areas where we will guide leaders.

Letter of Intent

  • Select a viable district/community.
  • Develop a community engagement plan.
  • Form an effective board.

Full Application

  • Provide direct coaching on how to write an effective application, while meeting all of the operational components required by authorizer.
  • Develop a sound budget.
  • Prepare school leader and board of directors for capacity interview with charter authorizers.

Planning Year Support (Phase 2)

+ How are SEN Charter Leader Fellows supported during the planning year?

Throughout SEN's year-long training and preparation program, Fellows are paired with a leadership coach and participate in weekly leadership development sessions that help them fine-tune their school proposals, learn specific leadership practices, and address the numerous operational issues associated with a charter school launch. Fellows are given access to the city's most effective principals at workshops, school visits, and networking events.

Each Fellow is assigned a SEN coach who provides support throughout the training year. Coaches provide feedback on the new leader's educational vision and written instructional plan for the school. Coaches also give guidance on how to succeed as the founding principal of a new charter school.

For leaders opening new schools in 2020, the planning year will take place September 2019 -June 2020.

+ How will my salary be covered during my planning year?

Through our partnership with the Walton Family Foundation, leaders will be eligible to receive a grant of up to $325,000 grant to support their planning year salaries, as well as funding for recruiting, advertising, and compensation for planning team members.

+ How will SEN help me identify and secure a school facility?

Many charter schools are co-located in existing NYC DOE school buildings and share space with other district and charter schools. SEN will help you navigate the complexities of identifying space in your approved district. This may include supporting approved leaders to submit their DOE space request, identify private space options, and performing financial analysis to assess the short- and long-term financial viability of each facility.

Post - Opening Support (Phase 3)

+ How will SEN support me during my school's first year?

SEN's commitment to supporting leaders doesn't end with preparing them to found strong schools. Once the doors are open, leaders and their teams receive weekly on-site coaching in the implementation of their vision. Remaining planning grant funds will roll over and can be used to support the additional startup and staffing needs of schools in their first year.