Phase 1: Application (Summer 2018 to Spring 2019)

In Phase 1 of the Charter Leader Fellowship, SEN supports Fellows through the process of developing and submitting strong charter applications to NYSED or SUNY, including both the Letter of Intent and Full Application stages. With the support of group and individual coaching, Fellows will develop a clear operational plan and instructional design that serve as the backbone of a successful application, and, eventually, a successful school.

Key elements of our comprehensive school design support include:  

  • Refining an instructional vision and associated implementation plan.
  • Developing core values that define the desired school culture and systematizing a corresponding approach to discipline.
  • Selecting a curriculum and assessment system to drive performance and meet the needs of all students.

Key elements of our comprehensive operational support include:

  • Developing and implementing a community engagement plan to build support among key community constituencies and stakeholders.
  • Building a cohesive board of trustees.
  • Attaining and maintaining fiscal health.

Application Support Schedule